To the customers purchased Cooper before 1st Jan 2019

Please download our latest software version

Thunk3D SAW

  • 1.Updated calibrating camera and turntable at the same time.
  • 2.Intergrate Autoscan and FreeScan, plus UI improved.
  • 3.Add “Filling holes”, “Smoothen”, ”Decimate” features, ensure 3D-printing directly.
  • 4.FreeScan improved to scan 8-200cm with Frame Alignment.
  • 5.FreeScan could work with Photogrammetry.
  • 6.All operation procedure redesigned Fool-style, easy and utility.
  • You may need a calibration plate holder, if possible,
  • click here to download and 3d print DIY


Free scan
Freescan 18.10.19

Cooper C20/M20
Desktop pro