Frequently Asked Questions

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 The laser point is mainly used for distance control, the dis-combined situation is due to the different batch.


Have you connected scanner to USB3.0 port? Kindly check the Voltage, the unstable voltage also influence the scanner.

It’s structure light scanner, remember to spray powder before scanning black, shining objects. For some mat black and hair, our scanner could collect the data. As the hair is too thin the data will be cloud.

Keep the scanner perpendicular to the calibration plate. 

  1.   Firstly the camera calibration:     one time operation could run a long way,  we need not execute camera calibration every time.


      Unless the scanner was hit or long-tired, one time camera calibration could last 45-60 days.


      Please click  to get the exact operation how to calibrate the camera.

        After the camera was sucessfully calibrated, we could do feature align and mark align. 


  2.    However, for some cube/cylinder/triangle shape,  if we failed feature aligning nor sticking marks,  we could do turntable align.

         Turntable align, also known as "angle align",  once the standing off distance changed, we should re-calibrate the turntable, please click 

         to get the exact operation how to calibrate the turntable.

         After the turntable was sucessfully calibrated, we could do feature/mark/turntable align.

  3.    If we don't want to scan with plane, let's make the plane disppear, here is the ways.

  1. Make sure your PC system is Win7(64bit), Win8, Win10.

  2. Check or change USB port.

  3. If dongle expried, please contact us to renew.

Sure, when you received the goods less than 1 month, if the scanner/turntable is out of work, you can return it for free, otherwise, you should pay the logistic fee to return it just because it’s not as good as you imagine.

Have you made color calibration? Choose the right color for the scanning objects.

If you lay off the gun and scan horizontally, due to our hardware imaging theory, the real capture points is very limited. We suggest you change the scanning angle and get more capture point.

The three is meant for the physical object color. Tint(white,beige,light yellow etc) , common(red, green, light gray), Dark(black, dark brown, dark gray, burgundy). Suggest choose the accordingly color with exact objects.

Make sure your scanner USB port is connected to the computer USB3.0 port.

Make sure your scanner is on.

Try to restart the software.

   Check the USB port in your computer, is it broken.

   Can’t work with Mac OS.

   Only work with Win7(64bit+), Win8, Win10.

   Check your image device, if there is industrial camera, yes, re-start the software.

Objects within 1 meter, the volume accuracy is 1mm. If you have higher demands in volume accuracy, we suggest Photogrammetry, volume accuracy could be in 0.1mm within 1 meter objects.

Someone may feel confused about the software.

  1.   XHCV is most professional version, we could set the interval scanning time when it working with the mechanical arms.

      besides, we could set the standing off angle as we want to capture certain details for auto scan.  Plus this software could scan 3-100cm sized         objects.

      But the fault is:  we should calibrate camera, calibrate turntable, calibrate plane, then 3D scan, although the output is better, the procedure is not      friendly to the beginner, this softeare suit for professional users with higher demand.



  2.   AUTOSCAN is designed for the beginners, even a kid could put targets on and get complete STL data.  The fault is, it only could scan with the       limited angle,  if we manily scan 5-30 cm sized objects,  AUTOSCAN is enough for our requirements.

       摄图网_401497879 拷贝2.png

  3.   FREESCAN is the supplement for AUTOSCAN, if you want scan 3-5cm objects, and 30-100cm objects occasionally, this version could really help you a            lot, and very easy to operate. But the fault is, FREESCAN need you scan totally by hand, auto-turntable don't work.



So we usually  ship the AUTOSCAN and FREESCAN software,  unless the user require, XHCV version we seldom ship abroad, but every beginner will grow up, if you need it one day, welcome to contact us for support.

Yeap, as we can't ensure common marks in defferent groups, so please carry on group-less scanning process.

1. Please note the scanning range is 30*24cm and 12*9cm, cause it's real-time alignment, so 20% common parts must be ensured, when you move the scanner too much, system failed capturing the inter-images, thus bring into tracking-lost.

2. When you lost tracking, retry to the scanned part, it will find and continue scanning.

3. Never scan too slowly, which will accumulate spam data, affect aligning speed.

Did you calibrate the scanner?

  In free scan mode(without turntable), you only need calibrate the camera.Actually,all scanners are shipped after well-calibrated test, unless the machine was hit or strongly moved on road, you can save this step.

  In auto scan mode(with turntable), you need calibrate the camera and plane.Please click how to calibrate.

. Inter-scans have common features? or common marks?

  Feature Alignment, you should move the target slightly,otherwise lead to align failure.

  Mark Alignment, at least 5 marks(same marks)are detected by two lens, and inter-scans should have 3 marks in common.

During scanning, did you move the scanner or the turntable?

Is the target reflective? Totally black? If so, SH-EK will be necessary

. Do you adjust the stand-off distance like this?


. Make sure your scanner USB port is connected to the computer.

. Make sure your scanner is on.

. Try to restart the software.

   . Check the USB port in your computer.

   . Can’t work with Mac OS.

   . Only work with Win7(64bit+), Win8, Win10.

   . Make sure connected to USB port, not Keyboard/Mouse port.