3D Print & Scan Applied in Competing Covid-19.

With the gradual resumption of work and school, Beijing's emergent response level had just adjusted to “Medium”. Meanwhile, the global epidemic continues soaring; there are more than 3.43 million confirmed cases outside China, which still remains worrying.

With masks in short supply and unqualified, 3d scanners and printers are taking place the traditional production.




Face mask

If you happen owing a 3D printer, how to make your own printed mask?

Face scan is necessary as we know, 3D System sense could provide a cheap and effective solution while the accuracy is not satisfied, if you’re from US or EU, Thunk3D reseller could offer you best face scan experiences with 0.04mm accuracy and 0.12mm resolution in full color texture.

Of course, not only US and EU, in RU/CA/VN/IN/ etc, you could also get the chance to obtain your face PLY/STL model for your 3D printing. If you want to get more information about China- Covid-19, or 3D scan issues, welcome to contact us: daicy@thunk3d.com.

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