Thunk3D scanner
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Thunk3D Customized Bodyscan

Different from the systems with hundreds of cameras and millions of cost, Thunk3D bodyscan consists of only 24 cameras, based on infrared structured light, is a collaborative distributed system.

The controlling system calibrate the subsystem in matrix for union operation.

When the 24 sensors transfer data to controlling center, which optimize the deep image compositing and smoothen the branch points to get a complete 3D data, could get response quickly to improve user experience, and the simple interface is a bonus too.


Since it’s a human body-modeling system, the privacy turned to be core essential, the human ID to the data all were encrypted and can’t visit without authorization.

Besides, the Cross-platform transmission system provide TCP/UDP/CS/ structure, applicable for big data development and extension. Meanwhile, XHS format access to secondary development.