Thunk3D located in Beijing and founded in 2008, with geographic advantages and 12 years experience in R&D and project modeling, we developed further more than peers in hardware design and image fusion technology. Then we created ShenZhen branch in 2019 for mass production and OEM, combined the advantages of China North and South, for certification, we get ISO9001 ,CE, FCC, and 12 software copyrights, which proved our consistant history and reliable quality.


Thunk3D fucus on surface structured light image, our products are widlely admired for high accuracy, fantastic details by our clients all over the 15 countries, the positive feedbacks from them are numerous.


With more than ten years’ development, we witnessed and experienced every sucessful applications 3D scan in argriculture, industry, security and protection, education, CNC, dental, medecine, measurement, aesthetics, aerospace, and cases by refitting our products in country scientific research also beyond mention, so we have decisive discourse resource in China 3D Scan industry.


Now thunk3D is the symbol of high efficiency and profession, we’re keeping up with the better accuracy and wider applications.