1.  Stick marks and encoded points.                                               2.  Take photoes in different positions.

06.jpg     07.jpg

3.  Input the photoes to Thunk3D Transfer software                4.  Load the txt file(or other format) to Thunk3D       

to get a txt file. (Or you process the data by yourself)             scanning software or other software have the

                                                                                                   similar entrance.

08.jpg      03 拷贝.jpg

5.  Input the frame file.                                                                  6.  Carry on scanning, fill the frame by scanner.

09.jpg      666.jpg

7.  Complete the scanning.                                                            8.  Fuse and Mesh.

010.jpg      111.jpg

Compatible with:

Any 3d scan system with co-ordinate file entrance.

300-500cm sized object.


Within 0.2mm every meter, within 0.4mm in 2 meters,  limit to 1mm for 5 meters.

Shipping List,

  1. DSLR Camera (after calibrated, with lens, with flash light);

  2. System could transfer images(jpge or jpg) to co-ordinate points files.

  3. Encoded points.

  4. Encoded cross target. 

  5. Scaleplate (customize)